So, you have decided to make life easy on yourself and allow a couple of professionals get you going in the right direction when it comes to making an online income… congratulations!

The team at Elite CPA Sites is composed of a couple of guys who have no business knowing one another and some very talented assistants.

On one hand you have a man who is 60 who has no skills in anything at all except for making money online, lives in the most idyllic place in sunny Florida and should have retired 5 years ago but can’t due to a workaholic mindset.

On the other hand you have a young guy that barely shaves who lives in The Netherlands who has all kinds of technical and design skills and will be one of the Internet Marketing All Stars for years to come.

For some crazy reason they seem to have a tremendous working relationship and have some innovative ideas despite the oil and water combination and that is a good thing for them as well as a good thing for you.

They have taken the concept of finding quality keywords and putting together solid SEO content along with spectacular designs and an effective content locker and made it available to you at price points that are well below market value so even the most inexperienced person can generate a revenue stream with minimal effort.

Elite CPA Sites was borne from a couple of conversations about how they could take some of their current infrastructure and offer a product that was affordable for almost anyone and yet still put a few dollars in their pockets in the process.

The winner in all this is anyone that participates!

The sellers make a couple of dollars, the buyers get a turnkey solution to the age old question of, “How can I make money online” and the internet wins because, well, it’s the internet and bigger than most of us (that includes you, Google!).

So, have a look at the packages here and see what fits your budget and online expectations and I bet that you’ll be thrilled you did!