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Seller provided top level package for the review. The site that was delivered was excellent, really well laid out, the keywords were very good, content is absolutely spot on and I couldn’t really be happier.

The seller even created some social profiles for the site, this really is a product that includes everything you need.

Brilliant service.

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Just wanted to chime in with a quick update… My site was fully delivered on October 22nd,2017. Today is November 2nd,2017, and while the site has yet to earn any money, here is a screenshot of my rankings:”

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My site was delivered over the weekend, wow is all I can say.
Sleek, slick and functional it will do exactly what it’s meant to do.

Keywords; This is the main keyword
Total USA searches: 22200
Total worldwide searches: 60516
Scored 16 difficuly on KW Revealer I was informed.

Now anyone who reads my stuff, knows I like to dig a little deeper = offer me shit and boy the world will find out.

So, as it’s always best not to rely on just one tool.
Keysearch scores this 23, which if you use this tool you’d be over this like a rash.

This scored a 9, which out of a 100 isn’t a worry either. Check the highlighted text numbers
And for those who use Semrush;
27.85 KD. I was always told to look for under 65, or 70 at a push by a guy who does $10k a month on Amazon, so for this to be under 28 is fucking insane.

Nice front page, content is very well produced.
There’s also several other articles, again all written to a high standard.
Finally in the reports delivered is a breakdown of the keywords, the supporting and also long tail keywords.
Search terms for this is huge, it’s bigger than Donald Trumps fucking ego.
This is not a cheap service, nor is it inexpensive at frst sight, but IF YOU LOOK LONG TERM THIS IS A GOLDMINE.

Forget daydreaming about your $25 MNS making you rich, get your mone saved and INVEST in one of these beauties. I don’t say buy, as I’d see this as an investment.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the gmail and Twitter accounts set up ready to go too.
The competition report is invaluable, a lot of effort has gone into this service.


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Just received a Gold site yesterday and I’m very happy with the site. Everything looks great!
The service and support you get with these guys is excellent. I highly recommend this service and I will definitely use them again in the future.
Big thanks to Zlatan, BassTrackerBoats and to the rest of their team.”

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Received my order (Bronze) today. My site has great and clean design. Articles look good, green SEO and green readability on yoast.

I don’t know much about SEO but the keyword has low difficulties so I guess it should be easy to rank.

Seller is very friendly and helpful. One minus point: He tried to hypnotize me once :)

Overall, it’s a satisfied experience.”

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Review of my bronze order.
Ok, it took quite a while to get the order done, but you know – life can happen. I was kept in the loop about progress made and was always able to contact providers through channels of communication. I appreciated the regular information on the situation, as the investment can be considered a fair bit of money.
Now, to make up for the delay the providers over delivered by far!! The Keyword is really low competition and the site once delivered, got immediately indexed ( i mean like 2 days wtf!). Never saw something index and rank that quick. First SERP entry was in Position 43 something. Now I’m at position 11 and working on SEO.
The quality of the on-page SEO and content is very good. No grammatical or semantical errors, everything is checked with Copyscape and Grammarly. The CPA Locker was set up nicely and immediately grabs your attention on the visit of the site. I am extremely happy with what I got and can only recommend the service. Now it’s too early to make any claim about earnings as it will need time to rank better and for conversions. I am getting already the odd click here and there but no lead so far. But I’m fairly certain the first conversion will come soon.
Thank you guys for a really great Job and the site.”

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I received my website completed on the 9th, i’m a bit late i got super busy!
The website design is great, internal linking is great and yoast title and meta descriptions are great!
Initial rankings for all keywords are page 2-3 with one keyword hitting position 13! I believe these keywords will be super easy to rank top of page 1 even for a noob like me :D
@Billy Batts was really helpful, and very patient with me during some issues with my hosting. He was in contact with me all through the project and responded quickly!
I don’t see any cons to this service. 10/10 for me! and i know i’ll be working with these guys again for sure :)

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Got my website today, Everything looks really good and can’t wait to start working on it. I will definitely be back for more as the quality and customer service was great! Thanks again!”

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I’ve just got my site delivered, and I’m quite happy, everything looks great, can’t wait to start working on it.
The site itself looks nice and functional, content it’s also good.
Keywords look very easy to rank and have a lot of room to add more related and increase the search volume.
Communication was excellent as well, and it really is a pleasure to deal with”

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Pleasure dealing with both these guys, as you would expect. If you know them both from around the forum then it’s a given that the quality of doing business with them is going to be nothing short of exceptional.
Communication was thorough, I was updated at all times and honestly didn’t need to worry about a thing other than wait for the finished article which is exactly as described.
Greg, Zlatan – thank you both very much (and of course the rest of your team) for the work. I appreciate it and wish you the best of luck with this venture.”

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